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Grab your coffee, your tea or your hot chocolate because this winter home tour loop is about to get extra cozy! Please join the 9 of us from Instagram as we share our favorite winter home decor plus tips and tricks we have up our sleeves. At the bottom of the blog post you will find the other lovely ladies direct links to their blogs! El Niño has officially hit southern Cali and it’s feeling extra wintery today!  No joke our back yard is flooding! Kind of scary. 


I’ll be sharing my favorite rooms and pretty much most most decorated and done up room in our home. We have been living in our new house for about 3 months and it’s been a fun project every day. With Christmas gone you might me asking yourself what now??? Do I pack up everything? Do I leave everything bare and empty? For me I packed up things that said Christmas or were very bold with reds and went back to my neutral patterns. I left up some small undecorated Christmas trees and some twinkly lights. Remember every one of my photos as a Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter emblem you can directly hit to share to your pages.

Here’s our front porch! I left out my lantern and my wicker deer for a rustic front porch vibe. It’s pretty simple but I like it and think it’s cute.

Welcome and here we go!!!! ☕️ grab your coffee!

Here’s our entry way and the dining room is right off the side. I kept my Christmas wreath but I think it feels very wintery still. We will go back to the dining room at the end of the tour 💕🌲

Here’s a view of our entry way looking directly at it. One of my favorite things is blacks, whites, woods and grays. Luckily for me they work well for winter and I use them all year long. Just adding pops of different patterns and colors as the seasons change. It’s an easy way to transition your decor from season to season when your base decor color is neutral . I have a lot of plaid around my house for winter and they were part of my Christmas decor so they stayed up! Everything is really simple like the plaid lamp, the little Christmas tree…. It just adds touches of winter but it’s also easy to take away when spring comes.

I love rusty things and old things and use them a lot around my house. It’s kind of farm house meets industrial.

This part of living room faces out towards a sitting outside area. Part of our 5 year plan for this house is to knock this whole wall out and push it out opening the living room up in the kitchen! The pillows are an eclectic mix of different things! Golds, navy’s, plaids and prints. The color above the window is called attitude gray by sherwin williams.

Adding some throws to your couches makes things feel extra cozy and it’s an inexpensive way to make your house feel like a home. These throws are from joss and main and they were 2 for $17!!

When I said I added and kept some twinkly lights here’s what I mean. After we took the Christmas tree down I brought back in my fiddle leaf tree and added some lights to it.  Another spot I kept up some Christmas decor was on my mantel. I just couldn’t bring myself to take down my garland!! And then I redid my whole living room decor so now it looks like this. 

It’s always ordained with candle stick holders and some pinecones. The coffee table has a simple mistle toe berry bunch on it which is so cute and simple. Next to it is just a gold candle. Lots of gold accents.

Last room to show is the dining room! Not super wintery at all but it’s here and I’ll show you what it looks like . The color in the dining room is also attitude gray and gives this room some character. Pretty simple here and I told myself that’s exactly what I wanted for 2016! Simple and clean decor. No clutter.


One thing you will find on my dining room table is flowers! No matter what the season!
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  1. Dara | 7th Jan 16

    Rachel, your home is so beautiful! I can’t believe you’ve done all of this in only 3 months!

    • Rachel | 7th Jan 16

      Thanks so much sweet friend!!!

  2. Chris Belcher | 7th Jan 16

    Lovely Rachel!! I’m new to your blog from Instagram!

    • Rachel | 7th Jan 16

      Hey chris!!! I’m so glad you’ve joined me! Love your Instagram girl.

  3. Kellie | 11th Jan 16

    this is so beautiful! It was so much fun to do this Blog tour with you!

    • Rachel | 11th Jan 16

      Thanks so much friend! I’m so happy to have met you

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