Hey friends so I found some amazing and beautiful eucalyptus down the road from my house and this tree was just asking to be picked!

Naturally I pulled over and grabbed as many branches as my hands could carry. My kids thought I was pretty crazy but they are not too weirded out anymore by their mom’s crazyness. My 4 year old actually thinks it’s quite entertaining.

I thought I was going to trim them up when I got home but I just stuck them one by one in my magnolia market vase and loved how they poured over the side of the vase. I feel like it’s giving me all the warm fall feels I needed for my table. Picture this with tiny pumpkins and candles spread out all over. Not to forget to mention the smell that’s coming off my dining room is just amazing. Eucalyptus is one of my favorite smells and these babies aren’t lacking any of that.

What do you guys think of my oversized eucalyptus centerpice?? I thought I would be so pretty in mason jars with wild white flowers coming out of them too. That maybe a blog post for another week!!

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