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Daily Archives: February 15, 2015

Mason Jar Trick

classIf you love mason jars then you will love this little secret. One of the dinner staples in my family is spaghetti! Is yummy and easy and my son love its! We love using the Classico sauce. My husband loves the spicy red pepper kind to be exact. After your done eating your yummy dinner DONT THROW THAT JAR! Run it under the some hot water as I find this takes the label off pretty easy! It usually takes about 3 min to come off. I love using mason jars for so many different things! I have them around my house for flower holders, succulent holders, we use them as drinking glasses and my son uses them to hold his army men. Mason jar projects are on the top 5 pintrest project list. You can buy a 12 case mason jar crate for about $16. Sometimes Ive found them at the dollar store as well. Now every time you have the need to use a spaghetti sauce of some kind go for the Classico!

atlasHeres the mason jar when its all cleaned up and pretty. The reason why I pick this brand because its the one sauce jar that doesn’t actually say the sauce name on it. All thats left is the words Atlas mason jar. It also has a cute little measuring section on the other side of it. How adorable are these? I have like 16 of these. Thanks for stopping by and have fun cooking and crafting.



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