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Daily Archives: February 20, 2015

Whimsical Canopy

Hey everyone! Today I will be showing you how you can achieve the DIY whimsical canopy I made a while back for my daughter. This project costed me all about $10. It was really really simple to do and I hope you all find this helpful. I love this room because its super clean and whimsical. I wanted something fresh and easy on the eye for my baby. Lots of busy & noisy things in babies rooms just scream head ache to me. They say a soft calm neutral color actually calms you down and believe me you will want anything that calms you down when you’re designing your nursery. I love the soft tones and home goods rug draped over the side of the crib.

Here is my Canopy DIY project which costed me out of pocket around $10!

My little girls old nook and the DIY canopy I made for $10! On the blog in a few #fabfound #diy #homegoodshappy #decor #vintage #babyroom #girlie #whimsical #dreamy #stars #interior #shabby #target #targetdoesitagAin #vintage #antiques #marshalls
My little girls old nook and the DIY canopy I made for $10! On the blog in a few #fabfound #diy #homegoodshappy #decor #vintage #babyroom #girlie #whimsical #dreamy #stars #interior #shabby #target #targetdoesitagAin #vintage #antiques #marshalls

Here is Pottery Barns Canopy which retails for around $130 out of pocketcanopy poter

I really really can’t stress the fact that I would never pay for overly priced items as beautiful as they are you really can create the look yourself with just a little bit of patience and a lot less money. As much as I love pottery barn and pretty much everything in it think of all of the other things I can create now for this room with my left over money. The whole look of the room I created costs less than this single canopy.

step 1.


you’re going to need a round wooden weaving loom. They come in all different sizes so depending on how big you want your top circle to be is up to you. I went for one that as a medium size. They sell these at most craft stores. I purchased mine at Joannes and I paid around $3.00 for it.

Step 2.

curtainI had these sheer curtains laying around my house. I had purchased them from target awhile back and they were in the clearance section. I believe I paid around $8 for a pack of 2 curtains. You’re going to take your weaving loom and screw off the screw and attach 0f your curtains to the loom. Once both curtains are on put your screw back on and make sure its tight.

Step 3.

hookYou’re going to need one of these handy little wall hooks to hang your canopy. I found one in my husbands tool box but I believe they are super cheap. I think around .50 cents. Do it center, home depot, Walmart, most places will have these in their hardware section. In order to hang your canopy use whatever kind of string you want. I had these cute brown suede string laying around in my craft box. Make sure it is in there nice and securely! Thanks for stopping by. Also if you really loved this look I included where you can find the whimsical star light and the decals for the wall. The rug was purchased at home goods.



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target lig


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H&M Pillows

pillow1How adorable are these H&M Pillow cases? The larger one is only $5.95 right now and the smaller one is around $3.95! Hurry and get yours while they last.

pillowClick on the photo for the direct link to H&M

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