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Daily Archives: May 13, 2015

The Little Things….

Cute prints by Bloom and Bee Design Co

Cute Prints by Bloom and Bee Design Co

Hey guys! So I have been a very very bad blogger and I am so sorry! It is really hard to keep up with this even though I love doing and writing. I decided to go around my home and find some of the little details about it that I love and wanted to share with you. I obviously love farm decor and old rustic things. Im a huge antique shopper and I love garage sales. Looking at something that may just need a little bit of love sitting curb side just gets me all excited. We live in a small home for 4 plus a large dog! Its just under 1000 sq. feet (( I believe about 960 )). Its been challenging trying to fit everything I want inside without it looking over crowded. Trust me…theres been a few times I had to purge some things. Which they really just went into my garage. 🙂 Here is just a little touches I’ve been working on around the house. Enjoy and come by soon again.

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