So when we moved into our home I was certain it was going to be an easy decision on paint colors!! I already had my mind made up on white white everything!!!! And then we began painting it was a total learning experience.Ā 

We began In the kitchen and if I can remember correctly the color we chose was called Swiss Coffee which is actually very pretty but to my surprise very stark white and cold feeling! It would actually be pretty on base boards which I want to do soon.

So here’s the color in the kitchen! Luckily we started here because I actually the contrast between the dark cabinets and the white walls. (For now…. Eventually we will knock out that wall where you see the drapes. So, I went back to the drawing board for a living room color.

There really are so many options of Graige! Like 50 shades of Graige! We decided with Prairie Dust by Behr. It was the perfect mix of warmth and gray.

This is the color we have all through our house besides the accent wall.

Here’s what it looks like running along our planked walls.

For the accent wall we decided on Attitude Gray by Sherwin Williams. The reason I love the Graige colors is they are the perfect blend of warmth and cool. They add a sense of Home to your walls which is super important!

Ā Ā 

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