So we don’t have an actual space for an office in our home! Eventually I’ll be doing an office in our master bedroom but it’s in horrible shape right now which is why I never show it! I thought it would be cute to do this little corner office in our living room area because for 1.) the kids are always in here and I can keep my eye on them while I’m on my computer and 2.) I love my secretory desk I refinished a couple years ago but haven’t found the right spot for it!

In order to do this I had to move a few things around and get creative! It gives me a rush though because it’s like shopping in your own home! I didn’t buy anything new To style it I just plucked items from around rooms.

One of my favorite parts about these desks is the way they fold up and your desk now looks like an adorable hutch! I chalk painted this and made it look really chippy and white. The chair was a flea market score.

So here’s the desk all folded up and it really saves space but also has great function! I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it like this but it’s fun for now!

So here’s some of the things I moved around In order to achieve this:

A new side table for the couch

Lamp and table for Behind the lounge chair.

Well that’s all and thanks for reading,

Rachel B.

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