Is anyone else decking for the holidays?? I am!! I know it may seem early to some but when you are a blogger you like to get a head start to hopefully inspire some people! I picked up some gorgeous white roses for my market and added some green faux evergreen from Magnolia Market to the base of the vase.

I placed to of my antique candle holders on both sides because candles just give off such a cozy vibe to me! I decided to not set out place mats and all of that for this post and just focus mostly on the center piece and the buffet table. The buffet table is my favorite part about the whole thing.

So I kept things really simple on the buffet table and used natural elements and of course added some yummy dessert treats!

I recently picked up this gorgeous cookie holder from Home Goods! I love how big it is and how many cookies it holds.

It isn’t Christmas with out twinkly lights and a little Christmas tree! I haven’t quite fully committed to Christmas but just slowly incorporating little bits here and there! I’m No where near actually hauling in a Christmas tree!

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Rachel B.

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