A Farm Mantel With Wooden Shutters

Hola! Just wanted to share with you guys these adorable shutters I added to my mantel last night. They were given to me by my best friend’s mom and they were here grandma’s! Things like these have way more sentimental value than anything I could ever buy. I’ve been debating what I wanted to do them for a couple weeks now and I had a totally epiphany last night. Since it was 11 o’clock and I could just run out and buy some cute wreaths of course I made some. Super easy and cute!

It’s just a couple branches bent into shape using some scotch tap and a push pin! I hid the pin with an extra leaf. Can you tell? If you read my post about my goals for 2016 it was about being thrifty and channeling my inner DIY girl! Social media can be a dangerous place because it brings them that ugly E word called envy. If only I had that rug, if only I had that door, if only I had that throw or that wreath. I have to admit I was spending a lot more money that I should’ve ever and for what? Everything doesn’t have to be NEW AND EXPENSIVE. So that’s where this total free new mantel idea evolved from.

Decorating with a large TV above your fire place can definitely restrict your design but learning to create something around it also super fun and challenging in a good way. One thing I love using is old books and candle holders! It’s like the just belong on a mantel to me. I’ll list all of the sources at the bottom of the post.

Oh and I traded an old door this morning with an antique dealer out here in our town for this old milk bottles. Sooo cute right!!!! And again FREE! A trade for a trade. Arbor Farms and Williams Dairy are all old milk farms out here in California. I think they are so cute for spring and summer!

Sources: shutters, milk crate, books: antique finds

Candle holders: Decor Steals

Fire place paint: Mudpaint

Coordinates sign: The Painted Nest

Christmas tree: Target

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