You guys have all seen those adorable World Market Cup rack WORLD MARKET CUP RACK ! Click the link here. They are only $11.24 and are ohhhh so much cuter than I thought they were!! As a Rae Dunn mug collector they show case all my mugs perfectly!

I added these adorable Target dollar Grow basket filled with some flower twigs. It was literally the perfect fit and I have to give all the credit to my friend Kristy from THE PAINTED NEST. She makes THEE cutest hand painted signs! Well she came up with this little planter idea on top of the rack and I adored it so much I had to be a big ol’ copy cat!

The rack holds about 12 mugs and I think you might have to put it on something higher up to use the bottom rack holders I just left those alone and used the top two holders. I love the way it’s small enough to not take up to much counter space but big enough to hold a good amount of mugs! It’s pretty much the perfect addition to any little coffee bar station.

I had to throw in the fresh vase of roses I was working on too because it is the grow season and everything is blooming so nicely around here! Here’s the link to purchase your own coffee or cup rack! WORLD MARKET CUP RACK They are only $12 sooooo I would assume they are going to go quickly! That’s all for me and hope you like my styled World Market mug rack! I figured  I would document as much of my kitchen now before it gets a huge update this weekend!!! I’m going to leave it a surprise but just a hint it’s going to be a ohhh sooooo bright and clean! It’s been so much fun decorating our new home the past 6 months but I love design and unfortunately my wallet doesn’t. Haha. Baby steps is what we have been telling ourselves and everything will come together organically.

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