So I felt like something was missing when I hung my new CANVAS AND DECOR sign and shutters yesterday. I used to have this table in here but I took it out when I had my shelves up. I’m liking it back in here now because it adds some texture under the sign and I can add some more candles and fun decor!! I always go back and forth with waning to be super simple and than wanting to pull the furniture back in. Anyone else do that??

I added some of my Home Goods greenery with my ghost baby pumpkins and used my Target tea towel as kind of a baby runner. I didn’t want to use a large one because I wanted to keep it simple. I also grabbed this candle too and it’s called Cinnamon pumpkin muffin. Yeah im not joking. It’s probably the best smelling candle I’ve ever purchased.

I added a rustic lantern with another fall scented candle inside and I feel like this table scape is super cozy and traditional feeling. What do you guys think of it?? Inside the drawers I keep my nice dinner plates and napkins. Super easy to pull out for our 1 time a year fancy dinners. hehe.

Eventually I want to get a bigger buffet table with a wine rack on the bottom but this piece works perfectly. Thanks for stopping by to my little blog and remember you can pin or share any of my photos with the share buttons. Comments are always loved and read as well.

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