So it’s no lie to say that we all wish we had a huge budget right when we move into our first home but truth be told that doesn’t happen to the majority of us! My biggest lesson with our first fixer upper has been patience! Which is not one of my strong suits. I want to share with you all a few easy things you can do in your home to update it without some major renovations!  In a world of social media especially when you’re job relies on it you can so easily get caught up in spending more than you can actually afford to!! Yes oh me gee honey I actually admired it. I spend too much money.

Can you believe this was our home 6 months ago??? I sometimes look back at this and seriously it makes me think at how much we have done and in that moment I forget about all of the million other projects I want to do!

The first thing we did was SCRAPE THE POPCORN OFF !!!

You can’t see the ceilings but we did hire some people and for about $1800 we were able to scrape the ceilings, re-texture and paint them for a reasonable cost and it’s CRUCIAL in this day to get rid of that stuff! It’s only good at the movies with some butter and a coke.

The next thing we did was PAINT!! Another cost effective home update that won’t totally break your bank but a fresh coat of paint my friends totally makes or breaks a room! Seriously…. Try it! Pick one room or even an accent living room wall and give it a clean fresh coat of paint and tell me it didn’t brighten up that room! Yeah… It did huh???

We chose prairie dust by Sherwin Williams and it’s a very soft gray!

In the dining room and hallways we chose Attidude gray by Sherwin Williams which is almost a graige color. It really changes throughout the day but I love the tones it brings to the rooms.


So when we bought our house it had no light fixtures at all just wires hanging so I kinda had to find something. Changing out old light fixtures can be an easy solution to give your room a modern or classic feel!

In our entry way we went with a beaded farm house chandelier which ran us about $160 and the dining chandelier ran us about $190.

The easiest and cheapest thing to do ever is changing your LIGHT SWITCHES. 


So for example we updated our basic light switches to these super easy and cheap dimmers but totally made a difference with our lighting in our house! If you can’t afford recessed lighting yet this is a great alternative.

The last thing is CURTAINS AND RODS

Okay people this one is honestly the easiest and in my opinion the most fun way to bring texture and warmth into a room! Yeah so you have blinds on your windows… That’s nice and all but adding the curtains and a rod just really gives it that extra step of character and personality in your home style.

For example here’s a view of our dining room without curtains and rods and here’s the after (also it’s still yellow so include paint and curtains and you’ve transformed a space)

The curtains and paint just completed the space.

So that’s all of the tips and tricks I have for small easy home updates without huge renovations!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel Bousquet

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