AMAZON pillow case deals!

Hey guys! Heres a quick blog post! Everyone was asking about the black and tan geometric pillow cases I ordered off amazon for only a buck fifty!! Unfortunately they are about $8 now but still and good price and they are great quality. Heres a couple more great picks I found for you all under $15!!!

Just click on the photo for the direct link!

Heres the ones I have in my home:

Black and tan pillow: Amazon

Savon and white pillow: H&M

Teal throw: Home goods

Couch: slate gray recliner from Ashley’s furniture


black and white mixture north west indian

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  1. mae | 23rd Jun 15

    the link on the photo doesn’t seem to be working? it just opens the image but no link, am I clicking on the wrong thing?

    • Rachel | 23rd Jun 15

      OK I fixed it!!! You will amazon highlighted in the text! They are currently around $8 each now not $1.50 but still a good price. Thanks for reading!!!

      • mae | 23rd Jun 15

        thanks 😉 ive been just obsessing over these (and youre style)! love the blog!!!

        • Rachel | 23rd Jun 15

          Thank youuuuu so much!!!!;

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