Barn door 

Hey everyone soooo this is the second blog post I’m writing now. 

For some reason the first one got deleted. So let’s just jump right into this. If you follow me on IG @a_beautifulnest than you’ve already seen the first barn door picture. 

You might be surprised to know this IS NOT real wood! It’s sticky plank boards from Home Depot. They are inexpensive and very time saving. 

First get your pre cut board to door size and by your barn wood door hard ware. We purchase ours from Home Depot for around $150. They have a whole barn door kit that includes the door which runs for about $550!! Our whole project was around $200.

The planks are easy to adhere to the board 

Next is installing the barn door hard ware 

We used an old piece of wood and attached it to our wall and studs for more support as the door is very heavy. 

This particular kit did not include a handle so I purchased my own and was about $6

The door attaches very easy and after its up you attach the stoppers which are include in the kit and make sure the door doesn’t slide off the rail. 

We are attaching some more iron to the sides and adding some more studs to give it some more character. 


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