Being a mom in the social media world

@lovefabdecor tagged me for #widn (what I'm doing now) and #whatmakesmehappy). My son who is 2 for those that don't know had an exceptional amount of toddler melt downs today ;( and I can't keep up with the laundry these days. Been at it for 4 hours yes 4 hours!!! But family is what makes me happy. My chalk board says so ;) haha I tag @akadesigndotca @eclecvintage @theothersideofneutral for #whatmakesyouhappy and #widn whichever you want or both. #decor #decorate #interiordecor #homedecor #homegoods #homegoodshappy #rusticdecor #rustic #country #cozy #targetdoesitagain #target #chalkpaint #chalkboard #family #fabfound #contest #baskets #farmstyle #farmdecor #simple #spring

So im just going to dive right into this blog post because I have so much to say about this topic. I cant begin to express my love and hate for social media while Having younger kids. Before I explain why let me go back a long time ago to a time we call the 90’s. This time to me was the best! It was my child hood years. It was a simpler time full of 13 channels on tv, no cell phones, no computers and lots of wind breakers and dressing in comfy baggy clothing. My parents filmed everything my brother and I did on a video camera that was seriously the size of a suit case. You had to put in these little things called tape sets to actually record anything. We have soooo many of those little tapes of my brother and I. Ok lets fast forward now and really dive deeper into the pool of social media and technology. Being the type of person I am I always try to stay in on whats new and happening so to speak. I use Facebook, Instagram, blogging and well I have a twitter I do not use it nor even really understand the point of tweeting. Browsing through Facebook you come across an article about another mom your age with three kids and a job and a full Pinterest board that she adds 4 projects to a week. I mean lord! I don’t even have any clue what i’m making for dinner. Its very stressful looking at all of these woman who look like they have everything together. I know were not supposed to compete with anyone… I mean it isn’t good for your soul right? BUT being a competitive person and a person who likes to try it all I JUST CANT NOT TRY. How does one do it all? The laundry, the blogging, the cooking, the cleaning, the Instagram posting, the texting, the emailing the tweeting. It makes my head spin sometimes and seriously people it really is addictive. You know we have all been those moms at the park on our phones. I mean really….it is the only time we get two seconds to do that while our kids are preoccupied. I remember going to the park with my mom and her focus was 100% on us. I mean if someone wanted to even get ahold of her there was only the house phone with an answering message! Sorry everyone….going out means you cant reach me for hours. Now a days, if you dont text back within 2 minutes you get a search party called out for you. I really have to admit on a level i’m not proud about how much i rely on my social media for peace of mind. I mean, if I dont check pinterest or my home decor community on Instagram I feel like I may MISS OUT ON it all. Which is so ridcoulous, but this is the day and age where everything is all about pinterest moms. I really have tried and still do but its just so much work. Sometimes we just have to put it all away and take a deep breath and slow down. We dont need to make stuff and sell it on Etsy, we don’t need to carry our phones in our pocket 24/7, we don’t need to go on Facebook or Instagram every day, we just need to live and breath in the now world. If you do those things than do them because you want to. I know I struggle with feeling like I have to do it because I see others doing it. I love my kids so much and they deserve the best version of myself. Not what anyone else thinks I should be or what I think I should be. Just be me. So as you read this blog post and are thinking I am a hypocrite because I am blogging about not blogging and being on social media 24/7 you’re getting me all wrong. Its okay to indulge every now and then but don’t forget you’re a great mom! What ever it is you do and are good at. Baking, cooking, decorating, painting, reading stories, going to the park, blogging, etc. We all have our own niche and its all good. Cheers to being a mom in a world full of social media.

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