So maybe you’re planning on buying yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers tomorrow or maybe a loved one is sending you some! You could just stick the whole bouquet in one vase or you can split it up and have lots of pretty bouquets around the house. I for one love separating them! Anyone else do this?

My husband brought me this beautiful bouquet of early V-Day flowers and I love opening them up and arranging my own smaller bouquets. They usually make it pretty easy to do so. I was just making 2 vases so here’s what you do.

Start from the outside of the bouquet and cut the stem usually in half of the length and place in one vase and grab another flower from the other side of the bouquet and put it in your second vase. This way the vases are balanced out and you don’t have to go back and re grab other flowers.

Here’s the start of one of them.

Add the greens at the end!!! They are kind of like the finishing touch!


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