So we have been slowly working on our fireplace makeover since we bought our fixer upper a year ago! I came across some old photos of it when we first moved in and it’s honestly almost unrecognizable!! I thought I would show you guys some of the befores! You can also search my blog for more thorough blog posts of before and afters. 

So here the brick fire place when we first moved in! The house was built in the early 80’s and I think the fire place is a total representation of the time period! Not exactly the look I was going for! Don’t get me wrong… I love a good red natural brick but my bricks had lots of old ware on them and weren’t the exact look I was going for! I first decided to white wash them and that was super fun! Here’s the white wash process if you’re interested in trying! It was super easy to do!

So I used three colors from behr and they were the sample pots for about $3 each

Silver feather
Prairie dust
Antique white is used last
Here’s the finished look of white washing your brick.

Super fun and easy and gives a lot of character your fire place! The next thing I did was use Rustoleums fire proof black spray paint and I sprayed the gold frames of the glass doors black! It really made a big difference and I loved the way it turned out!

So I decided I wanted a cleaner look and painted the whole fire place bright white! I used mud paint in manor white and just painted every inch of the brick!

Then finally I found the perfect wooden beam mantle from Wayfair for a great price! Just look up farm house mantle in wayfair and you’ll find it! I have the largest one which was 76 inches long.

So as you can see my fire place has come along way but I’m loving it! Thanks for stopping by and remember you can share or pin any of my photos!

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