Does anyone have a fiddle leaf out there like I do myself and love love love it?? I swear I treat mine like a third child. I have my fiddle leaf for around 5 months and I am happy to say it’s not dead! I actually just upgraded it to a bigger pot and a new basket. I’m going to share some cute and easy tips and tricks to care for your fiddle leaf. 

step one is to make sure you aren’t putting your plant in two BIG of a pot. I read that they can freak out and get scared and lonely if they feel there home is too big for them. I originally had my baby in a much smaller size than size just up until today.

step 2 and I think this one is most CRUCIAL is not to over water your plant. I tend to love on things too much including my plants. I usually give my plants about 1 cup of water in a whole WEEK!!! Don’t judge by the first top two inches of soil for dampness because usually you’ll find it underneath. Root rot is a very serious things especially for these Fiddle leafs or should I say FICKLE leafs.

Another thing you’re going to want to do is wipe your plants leafs off…ya know…like a plant bath. I found these baby wipes work wonders and shine through leafs up perfectly and get all of the dust off of them.

I like to keep my plant near direct sunlight all the time. So far so good! Well thanks for stopping by!



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