Hey guys I’m so excited to share with you my Holiday farm hutch! I also made some diy snow to make it look like it was pouring off of shelfs and the top of the hutch! Super easy to do if you have hutch or shelf you want to try it with.

Not sure if you guys know this but I love nut crackers! My mom collects them and did when I was younger and it was one of my favorite parts of Christmas to see her get them out! I slowly have been making my own collection and I love them on top of my hutch!

I love this new little snow man guy I picked up from Target! Every year they come out with new nut crackers and this one was so cute! It has little blocks you count down the days of Christmas.

So the roll of faux snow cloth I got was from Target and it was around $5 for a while big sheet of it! Just gently pull the edges of the sheet and they separate pretty eAsily! You don’t want to pull it too much because you don’t want a spider web effect.

The nativity scene is a new one from me I also purchased from Target.

The Merry Christmas sign is from my dear friend Kristy you can find her shop on Instagram at @thepaintednest

Here’s some more photos of the hutch styled with the doors shut and open.

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Rachel B.

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