Happy December 1 friends and family! I hope you’re as excited as I am for the first day of the best month around! I thought let’s do this big and let’s do this right so I added a SECOND tree to our home! This one is outside and I love it! Welcome to the blog if you’re a newbie here and I hope you draw some inspiration for some fun patio backyard decor!

We love hanging out in the backyard and we love having friends over to sit by the fire pit! My kids have lots of space back here so I wanted to create a fun, care free space full of cozy blankets and pillows to snuggle up with when it’s cold!

The Christmas tree just totally makes it and it’s so FUN to have a tree in the back yard! I just used some throws and pillows I already had from the house to add to this space. I have some yummy mistle toe scent candles going and a citronella because some times the bugs come out these things work like charms!

The little tea lights are actually citronella candles inside a cute iron and wood candle holder from Target! The wooden red beads are from World Market!

The metal sign attached to the tree is such a fun touch because I’m not going to decorate the tree and just use the sign from VINTAGE METAL CO has the main attraction.

I used wired plaid bows to attach the sign to the tree! The glow is so fun and festive out here!

Thanks for stopping by friends and happy December 1!

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