Is your home lacking that formal entry space area? Mine is!! I wanted something functional and simple in this space that I loved. I added a cute iron Home hook rack by the front door that I found from Home Goods for around  $10. Perfect for backpacks and coats when this summer heat wears off. 

Keeping it simple but functional was what I had in mind. I like the idea of a mirror in this space because it kind of gives it an open feeling airy feeling.

I moved my small bench over to this tiny wall and plain on putting a basket for shoes underneath it. Lord knows there’s nothing more time consuming than getting your kids to find their shoes let’s alone put them on.

For now I like the way this space has turned out. There’s not too much going on here but everything that I needed to make it work. A small bench to take shoes off and hooks for jackets and back packs. Remember it’s not always magazine worthy but it’s your home and it has to work for you!

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