Yahoo!!! I’m so excited to share the barn door with you all! My husband and I teamed up together and built this bad boy! The original barn door was actually not even wood so unfortunately it wasn’t built to last! I created the design and drawing and my husband built it! 

I used special walnut by miniwax and literally went through 4 different trials on which stain I wanted! I wanted it to be as natural as possible and lots of rustic feels!

Here’s the door in the original state without any stain! My husband really wanted to leave it but it felt a little to raw to me. The screws that are in the wood all over give it a little extra pop of industrial vibes.

We used all of the original hardware from the first door. The handle is from Home Depot and it was love at first sight!

Here’s the door when it’s all closed up. The track and barn door hardware can be found from Home Depot and runs about $150. It costed us around $50 in wood to build the door. So you’re looking around $160 including everything with your stain.

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  1. Mandy Campbell | 17th Apr 16

    Wow! So cute I love it! 🙂

    • Rachel | 22nd Apr 16

      Awww thank you!!!

  2. Jen Makowski | 5th Jul 16

    What kind of stain did you use and how many coats?

    • Rachel | 5th Jul 16

      I did two stains of special walnut!

    • Rachel | 5th Jul 16

      It’s from World Market it’s called the Deighton Table 🙂

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