Hey guys so I’m going to make this DIY paper wall flower project super short, sweet and to the point! I’m about to re do my daughters bedroom! She’s two and needs to get out of her crib so I have a fun little project in mind that needs some giant wall flowers! I looked on the internet and searched etsy and oh my gosh those suckers ran about $60-$120!!! I want 3 or 5 so there was no way it was in my budget for some flowers! I knew I could figure it out and I did just that! Here’s the list of things you will need.

1. Lots of computer paper. Any color you want… I stuck with white.

2. Scissors

3. Glue or tape. I used tape.

THATS IT! Super easy!

So let’s get started on making your flowers! Remember these are very large! If you want smaller just adjust the size and do smaller than my petal cuts! Let’s start with the first row of metals!

You’re going to want about 9 or 10 different size petals for the first row. You’re going to glue or paint these into a round wreath design like this…. lay one flat and the next fold a small crease in one and glue to the next petal for some 3D effect.

Once you’ve finished the first row you’re going to make your second row of medium sized metals! About 9 petals or so… Do the same thing but just cut these smaller. You can lay flat or fold in the center of a few to get some 3D effect.

Here’s the second row done and the medium petals attached! Your going to have a whole in the center of the wreath and work your way to close it little by little… don’t worry if it doesn’t close at the end because we can cover the whole.

On to the small petals! Do exactly the same thing as the last two rows! You’re going to actually want about 10 small petals to do TWO ROWS of small petals. Just cut smaller and attach exactly the same… filling in all of the gaps and spaces.

On to the last row of petals the extra small ones! You will only need about 4 or 5 of them! Attach just like the rest… lay some flat or bend some at the center.

Okay what did I tell you!! Do you still have a hole like me?? It’s all good! Use some of your scrap paper and cover the back of the flower up! Now let’s get started with the fun middle section!

Your going to fold a small piece of paper in half and start cutting small slices up the paper but don’t go all the way through! Just like this….

These are the fun frills in the middle of the flower! After you have them all sliced up through, cut it in half! You’re going to tape both halfs flat down in the center of your flower like so…

Once you have them glued or taped down you can then adjust each little strip to stand up right!! Make them cross each other or just plan fluff them out! ONE MORE STEP! This step makes the flowers Look real and really pop off the wall!!!

You’re going to curl the edges of each petal like so…

ALL DONE!!! You should end up with a fun huge pretty flower or something similar just like this!!!

That’s it!!! If you enjoyed please share to facebook or remember to PIN any of my photos to Pinterest!!!


Rachel Bousquet

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  1. joyce | 17th Jan 17

    adorable!! bless ypur patience!!!!! nice job!!

    • Rachel | 17th Jan 17

      Thank you Joyce!!! They only took about 15 min!

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