Who has seen those adorable World Market signs? They have the pie sign (which is in my kitchen) & they have the Lunch is now being served sign! I have never had any luck finding the Lunch sign and I’ve always thought it would be super fun to try to make my own!! It was actually pretty easy and fun! I’m thinking of making a bunch of different signs with different sayings! But here’s how I did it!

Everything I ordered was off Amazon and I have Amazon Prime so everything arrives within 2 days of ordering! I purchased the vinyl letters in 2 inch size and one 11×14 frame! Everything in total was around $9! I have a ton of letters left over as well.


Take the back off of your frame so it’s just the glass and apply your letters to the front. I used a white paper as a guide to make it as even as possible.





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  1. Eva M. | 10th Oct 16

    I think it’s a very nice idea. I would add some colored paper or something colorful behind it to give it a good splash of color

    • Rachel | 25th Oct 16

      Thank you I love that idea!!!

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