Hey friends I restyled my farm hutch last night when the kids went to sleep! (Yes I decorate at night and photograph in the morning! It’s just the only way! He he) So I styled this gorgeous hutch I received using the close 5 app and added some fun and favorite things from around my house. I recently moved the hutch last month and I seriously think it’s permanently in its home forever. No…. That’s probably not true but it’s like it was meant to be here.

One of my favorite things is my perpetual scale from World Market! It says April 19th today which is my little sisters 17th birthday! So happy birthday to that little peanut. Anyone else just love moving stuff around their home? It’s like free shopping! Sometimes you have to re arrange a few times but honestly it’s theraputic.

Also inside is a giant dough bowl from Shady Oaks Farm that gives me all of those cottage and farm house feels. Oh and let’s not get started on the scale! 🙁 you guys remember what happened to my daughters toe right? She pulled that thing off a table and broke her toe and she had to get stitches. So it’s permanently locked up! It’s still pretty though.

Home Goods has an amazing selection for pretty faux potted greens right now! I snagged two of them recently I wish I grabbed 100 more!

One of my favorite things in my home is this hutch! I did a sponsored post a while back using the close 5 app and this lady had this hutch in her family for over 100 years in her garage right down the street from me! It was fate.

On top of the hutch is an old fruit crate I got when I went junking last year and I love it with the magnolia leafs on top! You can search back through the blog to purchase your own! They are 5 feet long!

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  1. Mandy Campbell | 19th Apr 16

    This is so pretty! 🙂 I love it!

    • Rachel | 22nd Apr 16

      Thanks so much Mandy

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