Hi friends!! Have you ever wanted to add some real plants to your home but you’re afraid you don’t quite have the green thumb for it! I’m showing you some super easy and affordable house plants I think anyone can keep year round. I love house plants because of the green texture they add to your home but also because it’s a natural way to purify the air in your home!

I love plants like this to put on top of hutches because they drape off and such a pretty texture to the piece.

Most of these plants only need a little bit of water once a week or every two  weeks. It’s important they can probably drain too so they don’t mold.

I’ve had this fiddle fig for almost a year now and it’s grown quite nicely! I give it a nice bath about once every two weeks!

This gorgeous little plant is called an African violet and the leaves are soft and have a pretty velvety texture.

You’ll find a lot of succulents around my home because succulents are a no brainer and are literally the easiest thing to keep alive!!

This one is my favorite by far!!! It’s a new one for me! It’s a called a string of bananas. I do know they don’t need much water but need to be able to drain!

So that’s it! My little collection of house plants! If you have any questions let’s me know in the comments! Please share your favorite house plants with me too! I’m always on the hunt for new ones!



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