Happy Monday friends and family! Wanting to share my easy simple fall dining shelf I put together today. This look was so simple and I pretty much already had all of the accessories. I think the chalk board really gave it that push to the fall side. Chalk boards are a great thing to have because they are inexpensive and you can use them year round.

The chalk board, pumpkin and pie sign were really all I needed to feel satisfied with a simple fall look in my dining room. Less is more and with two kids and school this look just totally works for me. The pumpkin I got last year from Michaels and it was like $6!!

I love decorating with neutrals because I honestly have had most of this stuff out since February and adding a little heart or a pumpkin just really shows what season your decorating for. That’s just me though!!

The dining table is from World Market

Chairs are from Home Goods

Industrial Shelf is from Decor Steals.

Pie sign is from World Market.

Thanks for stopping by and if you any questions or comments please please ask or let me know!!!! My blog is my happy place!!!!



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