I’ve been working so hard on the front yard for about 10 months since we bought our home. I work on the back yard too but that’s kind of my husbands project. I have done everything in the front by myself and I love how it looks right now so I thought I would share it. 

I always see this red pointy flowers around my neighbor hood and they always seem to be thriving and I think they look so pretty when there’s a bunch of them. I went to local nursery and purchased  12 of them for about $10. I added some white pansies on the side. The guy told me pansies were a great fall flower to plant. Ohhhhh I can’t forget about the tree we took out too. Wait until you guys see this before picture.

Here’s the area down to the stump. This is before I planted all of the new flowers. 

and this is after 

The tree is gone and you can actually see our front door plus so much more sunshine comes through the windows.

Well that’s all from me and I would love to see your garden at your home!!



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