Happy Mother’s Day out there to all you people who work so hard day in and day out! I thought I would share some photos of my two pride and joys with you all! They are my reason for everthing and all that I do! A little Mother’s Day collage if you will….

Being a mom is so much more work than I ever thought it was! It’s the hardest most re warding exhausting job I’ve ever taken on! Never a dull moment I promise!

I have two kids. Knox is almost 4 and Savannah is almost 2.

They are your typical brother and sister duo! Some people actually ask me if they are twins because they really do look so much alike! I snapped this rare and unheard of photo of them actually hugging which turned into my daughter biting her brother which turned into tears. See…. Never a dull moment.

Which also includes going though a NO clothes stage for my son 👇🏼

Having kids to me sometimes feel like going to the zoo and never ever leaving. I have actually said things like… “Spit the poop out of your mouth and no don’t pee right there we are inside Target!” See…. Never a dull moment.

Having kids also has taught me to value time. I never actually realized how fast the time goes by. I feel like my son was just born yesterday and he’s already going to be 4. Having a second child… Well they get jipped because I’m so busy now with two I literally actually feel like I was just pregnant with her and now she will be two this year. They really teach me to slow down and enjoy every moment with them! Whether it’s hugging and snuggling or teaching them not bite or hit each other.

I hope to teach them what it means to be a good and honest person. To learn from your mistakes and to say sorry and love people as often as you can. I hope they know how much they mean to mean to me and how I enjoy every single day being their mom.

Even if they are driving me crazy….

Especially at the grocery store….

Or draw on my couch with a permanent marker…. [see next blog post]

Happy Mother’s Day out there however it is you are a mom! Whether your a dad playing both roles, a person who has lost a child or a mother to a furry pet! Have a great day!!

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