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Hi friends and happy almost New Years everyone! It has been one year and I’m so happy to welcome 2016! Looking forward to happy and healthy 2016! One of my goals for 2016 is to really stop spending money on things I don’t need! One thing about this Instagram group is I feel the need to always be new and relevant which is important of course but I want to find ways to do it with DiY projects and really being as thrifty has I can. I don’t need everything and we above A lot of home projects we don’t do to do the house like extend the family room and re do our master so time SAVE MONEY! I also wouldn’t mind losing some baby weight! 🙂 anyways lets get to the banner I made last night!

Everyone needs to have this stuff in their craft box! It’s amazing and so beautiful! Especially if you love gold! Gold spray is from michaels stores

It’s really simple just spray on your letters however you feel

Once you have happy New Years written out your going to want to bubble cut out your letters leaving some white around the edges to give it a cool effect.

Next tap the tops of your letters to some ribbon or twine and hang your banner up! I just used plain white computer so it really costed me nothing at all!

Well that’s all!! Have a great New Year’s Eve and be safe!!!! See you all in 2016!!!

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  1. Christine | 31st Dec 15

    Super cute, love your grey wall color, May I ask what color it is?

    • Rachel | 31st Dec 15

      Of course thanks! It’s called attitude gray by sherwin williams

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