Remember when I said I attended my first Home Depot class the other night??!! Well this was the project we made! It’s a rope shelf! This class was super fun and very interesting. For a few reasons because when we arrived apparently the teacher called in sick and nobody informed us so they sent a newbie to come help my friend and I who were the only two that even showed up!! It actually made the only thing that much better because it was just us! We practically made the whole thing ourself and it was pretty easy!

The rope is put through each hole on the 2 ft board! Each board has 4 holes… Two on each side. The bottom board is held up by two knots on the bottom and the other two boards are kept in place by 2 inch dowels! I painted the tops of the boards white for a more polished look.

They still aren’t fully done and neither is my bath room Reno at all!! I actually painted half of the the bathroom just for these pictures! Yes I’m partially insane. 🙂

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  1. Amy | 22nd Feb 16

    Super cute!

    • Rachel | 22nd Feb 16

      Thank you so much!!!! It was fun

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