Hey everyone! I wanted to share some easy ways to transition your home to feel more springy if you haven’t yet! I’m not going to lie but it’s been pretty easy around here in California with temps reaching 75 degrees! But if you still haven’t switched over yet and not sure how to pack up the winter look here’s some easy ideas. 


First I would do a major spring clean!!! De clutter everything and get simple! That was one of my main goals for 2016 and I can honestly say it was hard at first but I feel so refreshed every day and cleaning is so much easier! Only keep out some of your favorite items and pack up the rest! Group thing in odd numbers or even set out One big item like a big vase of flowers! You know I love me a vignette but teaching myself to create them simply!


Mix up your cases with different textures! Here’s a large wooden vase with long spring baby flowers!


Plant some herbs! You can search this DIY project a few posts back! Only a couple bucks and def sets the spring tone!

Galvanized trays and little pots of flower are super cute and easy to put together! It’s all about layering things that make something look put together! Baskets and trays are your best friend!


Well that’s all from me and I hope this was helpful! Please leave me a comment or if you have any questions.

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  1. Christine | 22nd Feb 16

    Your spaces look amazing!!! Happy SPRING!!!!

    • Rachel | 22nd Feb 16

      Awe thanks christine you’re sooo sweet

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