Okay so before I go into telling you my two secret weapons I wanted to explain that this was totally my fault! I was filling out a Mother’s Day card to send to my mother in law and for some insane reason I wanted to have my  18 month old daughter help sign the card! In the midst of her scribbling over the card I walked away like a total dummy! I honestly don’t even remember what I walked away for! I think I left the sink running. Anyways….

And here is the amazing scribble art work we got before we moved onto the couch! Yes it literally happened it a matter of 60 seconds. So this is what I walked into when I remembered I left her with the marker like a total dummy!

I would’ve taken more photos of it to show you but honestly I was like “oh well, that’s just great! Maybe if I don’t look at it…. It will slowly disappear.”

Yeah that didn’t happen at all…

So after a day of staring at it wondering what the hell im going to do and people sending me tips and pointers of how to get it out, I started researching myself.

I tried lemon oil, milk, white vinegar and tooth paste (don’t ask) IT WAS ON THE LIST!

I remembered a while back when we moved into our house our printer got set on top of my lounge chair and I grabbed my secret weapon and went to town! Are you ready to find out what I used to get my couch to look like this now???

So here is the secret weapon!!!


Yes I know…… Brilliant right??? Well, it was a totally better alternative than vinegar! That was just awful. It only took about 20 minutes of really really scrubbing it on the stain! I did let it sit on their for about 5 minutes before I worked the stain out. I used a hot wash cloth after to soak up some of the soap.

So you can still the marker stain a bit towards the bottom but it is still wet and I’m going to attack it again tomorrow! It’s totally better than I expected especially since this couch is almost white!

Well that’s all!!!! I hope this helps you if your furniture ever gets tagged up by your munchkins!!!


Rachel B

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  1. Cathy | 17th May 16

    I love gain. I leaned up against a railing that was just painted. I didn’t see the wet paint sign. I went right home, changed and took Gain and a small scrub brus to the stain. I then threw them in the washer and the paint stain was gone!! Did I mention they were white jeans and red paint? Yep, Gain did the trick

  2. Pam Rogers | 1st Jun 16

    Awesome I tried it and it worked except for two tiny dots and I am so pleased.What ever made you think of these two items for stains.!!

    • Rachel | 8th Jun 16

      So glad it worked for you!!!!

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