Imagine if your adult boss was a child

I tell my husband imagine if trying To do your job was like taking care of two kids at the same time but your adult boss acted like a child. I love being a stay at home so much but it cracks me up and how even completing the simplest task is a royal pain in the ass.
1. Bring your boss some lunch and he throws it at you and says, ” I said I don’t like turkey and I don’t like you!”
2. Driving your boss around he takes his shoe off and chucks it at your head.
3. Helping your boss pick out his wardrobe… He gets completely naked and says, ” I’m not wearing any of this I’m going naked.”
4. Trying to use the restroom and your boss slams open the door and says…” Where have you been? Can I sit with you? My sister is eating crayons right now.”
5. Trying to organize some paper work for your boss and he is throwing a tantrum in the background saying,” can you just take me to the park!”
6. When your boss says he needs helping wiping his butt because its everywhere.
7. Going grocery shopping for your boss and he decides to go with you and then proceeds to run away from you down the isle while crying that he ” only wants old McDonalds chicken nuggets and super sour sauce.”
8.getting your boss to take a bath because he stinks….
9. Tucking him into bed but he’s complaing that summer time is too hot and why is winter not here and where is winter and when will it be here and why its taking so long.

My boss

Rachel Bousquet

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