I recently was sent and partnered up with the cutest little Shop ever called OLIE LIVING. They design some of the most beautiful pillows I’ve ever seen. They sent me some of their navy pillow covers and the white eye-let pillow. I love how large the navy cases were because normally I have such a hard time finding oversized covers. The key is to go a bit bigger than your actual pillow so the cover has a bit of flexibility. I love how gorgeous and deep the navy color is. Navy is my color right now and I love how relaxing it is.

I thought the pattern on the pillow cases were so gorgeous and eye catching too. They are beautifully designed and very well made…I was very impressed. You can find more designs here at their website OLIE LIVING

I love the delicate design on the white pillow as well. It’s the perfect size and compliments the rest of the pillows. I think pillows totally finish off a room! Whether it’s a living room or a bedroom they really complete the room. I may actually have a pillow addiction.

You can find more designs and pillows here OLIE LIVING

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Rachel Bousquet

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