So I re designed the whole layout of my living room all around a sofa table! You know those traditional living rooms with the cute cozy tables and lamps behind the sofa!!! I really wanted to create this but just could not vision it! 

I had to push my smaller sofa out away from the wall which is actually very refreshing. People tend to keep their furniture up against the wall but pulling it away opens up a room a lot!

I had to get rid of a chair from this room which is fine because it was only in here for the Christmas season for my family coming into town. We really didn’t need all that seating.

Here’s where the old sofa used to be! Just added my bench pier 1 seat by the window which my kids are already sitting at because the chickens are right out the window.

It may have closed off this room a little bit but it kind of separated the dining space from the living room more I think.

Added some more pops of color too!!!

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  1. Lisa | 2nd May 16

    I think you made a great choice by moving the love seat where you have it now with the sofa table. Perfect!!! Love it!!!

    • Rachel | 8th Jun 16

      Thanks lisa!!!

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