Mixed matched furniture 

hey everyone! So I wanted to talk to you all about mixed matched furniture. I recently just added an “extra ” couch we had been storing in our garage forever and I never wanted to bring it in because it wasn’t gray like my other couch and lounge chair. I must add my lounge chair and couch are from two separate places and they aren’t even the same color gray.  

So we have some family coming and going and coming and going around the holiday times and we just had our one couch and the chair which was fine for us but not when you have lots of company over. I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit or how I was going to work the furniture around but sometimes you just have to DO IT and play around until it works. The new couch is word of sand white color and actually is very comfy! I’m really liking the neutrals of the gray couch and this one together!  Here’s the before it was kind of dead space and didn’t photograph well. 


Here’s the after 

In case your wondering wear the black media stand went it found a new home and loves it there… It told me so. Sometimes you just have to play around with things and try different options out even if in your head they sound like they wouldn’t work !! 

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