Mud Paint 

Hey everyone I wanted to share with you a paint company called  Mud Paint  and share the two projects I completed using the color Manor white. It’s rich and creamy and the finish is smooth. You guys will love this paint!!!

The first project I did was my dining table which I started a year ago and it was just a big hot mess!  I used an antique stain wax and let’s just not really get into the rest of what I shouldn’t have done. 

This is how the muddpaint quart can comes and I love their label and just the way the can wAs designed. Here’s some facts about muddpaint before I go into my projects!

Why Use Mudpaint?

Mud paint
Unique Finish – Mudpaint has a smooth, matte finish that is perfect for furniture painting, distressing and antiquing. Mudpaint has unique, earthy ingredients that give it a smooth texture & matte finish unlike any other furniture paint on the market!

Durability – Mudpaint cures as a very durable paint that can withstand lots of wear, even enough durability for dining tables & other heavily used surfaces!

Adhesion – Mudpaint requires no priming on many wood surfaces

Coverage – Mudpaint goes further than most other furniture paints. We receive regular feedback from our users about how amazed they are at far the paint goes! Many users even report that only one coat is needed because the paint goes on so smoothly and covers so well, although we recommend two coats on most pieces.

Low VOC Formula – Mudpaint is Low VOC & VOC compliant in all areas of the United States

UV Resistant – Mudpaint is protected against fading and cracking that is often caused by sunlight exposure

Green Certified – Mudpaint is LEED Compliant: The LEED Green Building Rating System® provides minimum performance standards for various sustainable building elements, including paint. LEED gives Green Building credit for paints that meet certain Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) limits, such as under 50 grams-per-liter VOC rating. Mudpaint is LEED compliant in all areas of the US, in all 50 states.

Water-Based. Easy cleanup with soap and warm water.


Ok so I think you guys get the picture now?

Let’s start painting!

The color is a really rich and creamy white! Not stark at all it really has a nice tone to it! It’s actually one of the prettiest whites I’ve ever used! I loved the thickness of the paint too! It really has great coverage and drying time was very fast! I used two coats on my table.

You can see the difference of the two colors here!

I couldn’t stop just at my table so I did my bench as well and next is the fire place!

So there is the farm table and bench hope you all enjoyed it and try out Mudpaints product in Manor White.

So let’s go to the fire place! I originally white washed my fire place about a month ago and I knew right away I was going to redo it to more of a crisp clean white look. Here is the before of the fire place. You can find the white wash fire place look and how to on the blog as well.

Here is the before


Here is the after

Two totally different looks under 2 hours time. The fire place was simple. I just went over it with my paint brush and didn’t go to heavy on the brick!


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