Old wooden Chair revival



I came across this chair online for a selling site I’m apart of on Facebook. It was being sold for $10 and worth so much more. When I went to pick up the chair it was shoved inside this old ladies garage. She had picked up almost 40 years ago she told me from an antique store and had plans to revive it herself but never had the chance to. Whenever I buy anything old I always like listening to the story of the piece. Everything in my home has a story and I love sharing them when I have guests over. So lets jump into the chair coming to life. It was over all in really good shape. The bones were strong and nothing needed to be re nailed. So I got to sanding and my three year old son helped with this project! Oh boy did he go to town with me.


I used a 3M sand paper which i purchased from Michaels for around $3 and it came with 5 huge sheets. It was the perfect grade for this project. The chair was slowly starting to come to life. After a couple days of sanding and some raw fingers and one bloody thumb the chair as finally all sanded down.

I had and maybe still have the plans to re do the chair cushion with this really amazing fabric Im still waiting for in the mail. Its black and white and oh so farm tastic. 🙂 The current cushion is actually in really good shape just maybe not the exact color I want.



chair8 chair6

I chose a stain by Rust oleum and it was in the color of summer oak. I was really really happy with the color!! I went over the chair 3 times because it was just drinking the stain in like a huge glass of water. This was one thirsty chair!! I used a cheese cloth to do the staining and a little goes a long way! I would highly recommend wearing gloves for this project because I found out the hard way. I have one very dark hand right now. 🙁 


chairchair9 chair10


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