Hey everyone so you would think this idea of painting baseboards would be an obvious idea to do to freshen up your home with a new coat of white baseboards but it took me almost a year to do. I think the new white cabinets gave me the push I needed. I still have lots of more rooms to go but I love the way these rooms turned out.

Here’s the same view but the opposite side. This is our kitchen and the first room I started in. Our baseboards honestly looked yellow and I hated it! I used Swiss Coffee by Behr for the paint of the base boards.

since the paint color is like a really soft gray I feel like you can actually see the gray against the nice bright white Contrast of the baseboards. Plus after so many years of neglect they had lots of black scuff marks. Here’s a before

I also painted the trim of 3 of my door ways which was the garage entry from the kitchen, the front door and my daughters door frame. Can you see the difference between the old color and the new?? Just gave it that fresh new pop of white this place really needed.

Here’s the baseboards and frame around my front door. Super inexpensive way to add some freshness to your home. It may be time consuming but it’s worth it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day.



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