So I finally convinced my husband to hang up my Pottery Barn floating shelf! I recently found a picture on Pinterest that I just couldn’t get out of my head of a beautiful floating shelf above a couch and some family photos. I thought it was so adorable and wanted to try it out myself. I found some black frames from Home Goods that I wanted to paint white but I was really loving the black and couldn’t bring myself to paint them.

Especially around the holidays I wanted to incorporate more family photos since I think we really spend time with our families a lot more around this year. I think there’s nothing more inviting for your family than to see photos of themselves in your home. It shows them they are apart of your lives and instantly makes them feel connected to your home.

I still need to play around with some of the frames and I might even go back to my original plan of just all white simple frames. What do you guys think about the shelf and the frames?

Once I get a little more Christmas stuff out I might add some touches of that to the shelf too but I really want to just keep it simple.

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Rachel B.

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