Red brick transformation

Hey guys so I’m going to give a quick version of how I achieved this look! It was pretty easy once I got the hang of it! Remember everyone’s style is different and you really have to use some elbow greese.

Here’s the before

So I used three colors from behr and they were the sample pots for about $3 each 

Silver feather 

Prarie dust 


Antique white is used last

Mix all of that together really well and grab a rag and a paint brush 

I really focused on the grout more than the bricks themselves. Doing about three bricks at a time and than wiping down with my rag . Some of the bricks would get an extra white Bloch and then some I would hardly touch at all. Don’t be scared to get creative just go with it!!!! You will start to get a feel for the brick and paint as you whip and re apply. 

After the whole fire place was covered I went over it again with behr sample paint in antique white and water!!!! Focusing mostly on the grout and only a couple bricks got some white!!! I used a heavy brush blot with my paint brush so it was a little bit of white wash and also a lot of blotting with my brush! Here’s the final result ! 


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