I haven’t blogged in a while or even really put much effort in my Instagram and I woke up this morning seeing my beautiful friends new living room makeover Brittany from INDIGO AND HONEY BLOG. I instantly remembered why I love IG and my blog for home decor. It’s simply inspiring for me. No joke I got a burst of energy and rearranged a few things and took some photos. I don’t know about you guys but I feel much better when I put love and care into my home. That’s just me and I can’t change that and sometimes I go through bursts like today and I have to jump at those bursts and blog them for you. Maybe I can inspire someone like Brittany did for me.

So here we go: I say my style is rustic California. It’s got mixtures of deep blues, natural fiddle leaf plants, some antique pieces I’ve picked up from California shops and lots of wood and texture.

I like keeping things visually appealing but not looking over crowded. A good tip to do that is group things in odd numbers in vignettes of no more than 3.

Our dining room table is a mixture of formal and causual. I love the tuffed fabric and the light gray wash wood.



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  1. Brittany | 28th Jul 16

    I’m SO flattered Rachel! That’s what we all strive for as bloggers, right? To inspire people. Thank you for shouting me out–I love your spaces shown here! “Rustic California” is perfect. Your home looks comfortable and thoughtful. I loved this.

  2. Christine Vandormolen | 28th Jul 16

    gorgeous, I am lovin the bead lamp!!!

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