Hey everyone I hope you had a wonderful long weekend and are easing into the work week nicely! I don’t think I shared how I’ve styled my new farm hutch using the Close 5 APP yet. So here it is! I wanted to keep things really simple inside but fill it with some of my favorite things! I love natural and rustic things. One thing I love decorating with is books! I love old books! The way the smell, their look and feel and all of the history they have behind them. They have a story of their own!

I bought these amazing antler sheds last year from etsy! They are one of my favorite things I own. When decorating shelfs try to remember the rule of odd numbers! It’s easy on the eye and looks nice when grouped that way. Also a mixture of different textures. I used galvanized lanterns, glass and paper books.

I’m sure I’ll end up Changing it soon but I like the way it looks for now! It will be fun to change it up for the seasons too!

Well that’s all!! Thanks for stopping by. What do you think? Leave a comment! I love reading them!

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