Teak Table Upkeep

table 1So Here is the table I’ve been working on for a couple of days! This is the after. We were given this table when we moved into our new home a couple of months ago. We didn’t buy! It’s a rental so for me, the only really projects I can work on are furniture pieces. This table was so gorgeous. It just needed a little sprucing up. I had a checkered table-cloth on top of it which worked for a while but I was only trying to preserve it from the rain we were getting. Its been so hot here in southern california so it was time to take that dusty cover off and get this beauty looking beautiful!

table before1I was storing a lot of my fresh vegetables and herbs on top since nobody was ever sitting around the table. haha it worked! I’ve never worked with teak oil before one thing I learned from using chalk paint and dark wax is….you dont use a paint brush with it! I quickly grabbed everything off and got to work. It was amazing at the transformation the wood was taking. I love seeing wood come back to life and look fresh and new again. It was also amazing at how much oil this table was using!

oilI used Watco teak oil and I really liked it! I used an old rag I had that I use for most of my projects. This was sooooo easy to do you guys! I highly suggest giving some of your old wooden teak items a good rub down. 🙂 It really took some elbow grease for this. It took about an hour give or take to apply it to the whole table and the chairs. I really am thinking about going back and doing another coat! So much of the wood elements really popped and came to life. This table is ready for some bbqing and family gathering! Thanks for stopping by and remember if you have any questions feel free to email me!

DECOR TIPS: I used a beautiful mercury glass lantern as my center piece. I paired it with a couple of old book and added a rustic tin basil plant. What I’ve learned is it’s always nice to the eye to see things in a vignette of odd numbers. You can build off of things but try not to go overboard and make it look cluttered. To me this is the perfect balance of neutrals with the a pop of green color. It’s totally that rustic and farm style decor. Like I said this style is all throughout my house and now it flows into my backyard like everything was meant to be exactly where it is. I always ask myself if it has balance, symmetry and flow. Also there’s different textures here to which are appealing to the eye. 🙂 HOPE THIS  MADE SENSE. I DO NOT have a degree of any kind in decor or design so this is merely my own personal decor style and tips that I like.


table 1


table before


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  1. Michele Wright | 5th Mar 15

    Beautiful Table. What an inspiration you are Rach!!

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