The Beautiful Blog Series

Calling are bloggers!! Hey guys! From home decor, foodies, gym people, life style bloggers and more!  If you’re new to blogging and would like to get know some other great bloggers I have a great opportunity for you. The Beautiful Blog Series is a great way to get to know fellow bloggers and get your blog out there. Here’s how it works. Each week you will be assigned at random a blogger to feature on your own blog! You can scroll through any of their material on the blog and choose which article you would like to feature. I’m hoping to get this little puppy started by mid November! It’s almost like a pen pal but for bloggers. One thing I have learned is its very important to stay connected with bloggers if you are one! We have to stay involved to be involved! When you are assigned your blogger you welcome to do a question and answer formate with them too. Which will be nice for you to learn about whom you’re featuring and for your readers also how they got started into blogging. The Beautiful Blog Series is just in the works so if you are interested please send me an email at:
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Rachel Bousquet

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