Valentine Vintage Map



Valentines day is just around the corner and Im sure we are all trying to figure out a heart filled gift for our significant other! This is the perfect project. You can make this for your hubby, boyfriend, girlfriend or even for a grandparent. Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way.

Step 1.

mapoftheusa You’re going to want to print out a untied states map! Any kind of your choice but i preferred mine in black and white and kept it simple especially since you will be adding stuff to it. Just click on the map and it will directly link you to where you can print it or you can find other maps.

Step 2.

pens So I printed two maps just incase I messed up. You’re going to make a heart in the state each you were born. For our story its California and Virginia. You can add little detail like an arrow leading to the state you both currently live or just keep it as it is.

Step 3.


Take a lighter and carefully burn the edges and center of the map to give it an “old” feel. You can go as extreme as you want to with this part. Just be careful the whole map doesn’t catch on fire.

Step 4.

coffeeTake you pot of coffee and pour a small amount into a bowl. You’re going to want a rustic old look to your map and the brown tint coffee has to it does just that. I used my finger and took it across the whole map. Don’t over do it or else you will just have a soggy wet piece of paper.

Step 5.

back frameChose your frame! I picked this one because i liked the white boarder around it and it would have a clear background. Plus, I wasn’t using this one so it was free! Tap your map into the frame centered.





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