Hey friends I wanted to quickly share my World Market jute rug! I might have died and gone to heaven! I purchased a small jute rug for my entry way from Home Goods and I just knew that my living room has always needed a very large rug but I haven’t found one that was affordable! 

When I was looking through Google I came across this one from World Market and it was a 6″9 jute rug!! I was like Yes!!! That’s huge and the price was spot on!! It was around $110 on sale! It was normally almost $200! I shared on Instagram I may have a pillow and rug obsession but in working on it. And my rug obsession is over now because I’m happily in love with the right now. Haha. My favorite thing about this rug is how soft it is!!! I always thought jute to look crunchy or not cozy but this rug is actually for soft and I love it!

Since my living room is kind of in two sections with two big couches and a lounge chair from target I feel like this rug works perfectly for the space! It’s large enough that the whole room feels more together. My other rug was only 6 feet so it cut off before my couch even ended.

Sorry for the horrible lighting!! Some days my house if great for light and some days it’s like I’m in a cave. And having two kids is my perfect excuse for having no time to edit. 🙂 You guys still love me right? 🙂 So that’s the World Market jute rug and if you were thinking about getting one now is the perfect time since it was on sale! Have a great day! And ask me any questions if you have any.


Rachel B.

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  1. Holly | 8th Oct 16

    I am thinking about buying the jute World Market rug. There were some complaints of shedding and dirt on the reviews. Have you had a problem with that with this rug? I love the look, but am a little nervous about the shedding.

  2. Rachel | 8th Oct 16

    hey there they are really pretty but they do leave a lot of dirt left under them and for that I ended up selling mine. With two kids and a dog it didn’t work out haha

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