Best Airbrush Makeup Kit for Everyday Use and Natural Look

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Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews – Airbrush makeup has been used for ages because it can totally give you an alluring look and flawless complexion without having to feel so heavy. Airbrush makeup is often a preference for those who feel weighed down by traditional makeup technique for it literally feels lighter. It will allow your skin to breathe as the mist that covers your skin is light while still gives you a flawless complexion and full coverage.

You can surely benefit from this makeup technique for this is totally water resistant and won’t smudge. You might like to know that this is hypoallergenic and is clean to use. The application requires a few tools including airbrush gun and an air compressor. Moreover, both must be used in tandem with an airbrush foundation.

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit – Our Top Picks

The foundation applied via gun should have a very thin consistency which goes on like a mist. This gives you a natural look while at the same time gives you a full coverage. No wonder more and more women depend on this every day. It can be used for all skin types. So, if you are interested to try airbrush makeup, we have compiled a comprehensive list of best airbrush makeup kit to buy that will guarantee to give you a perfect makeup that will last all day long.

#1. Art of Air Makeup Airbrush Kit

Let’s start this thread with a set offered by Art of Air. This airbrush makeup can give you a charming, magazine-cover look, and this is not an exaggeration at all. They take advantage of air power to generate tiny particles of weightless makeup. This professional quality airbrush is also perfect to use in your own home which easily makes it one of the best airbrush makeup kit.

best airbrush makeup kit - art of air

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It’s an awesome air compressor it’s better than most compessors because while other compressors normally only offer 3 levels of pressure adjustment, this one offers a fully adjustable air pressure control knob which allows for full control over the airflow of the system.

To top it off, weightless feeling and the lightness of this airbrush line allows you to have a thin and even layers application which gives you a makeup result that won’t sink into fine lines and wrinkles. The package includes Art of Air 6-piece Fair and Medium foundation set, deluxe black airbrush makeup system carrying bag, anti-aging primer, bronzer, shimmer, and blush.

  • Art of Air designed their airbrush makeup with a long-lasting formula which requires no touch-ups whatsoever and it lasts all day long. Moreover, you have the liberty whether to create a sheer or full coverage. In addition, its ability to match any skin tone is unquestionable.
  • Even though airbrush makeup requires special tools like airbrush guns and the likes, Art of Air airbrush makeup can be applied quickly. It even only takes ½ of the time compared to traditional makeup.
  • This airbrush line is effective to conceal acne, fine lines, wrinkles, birthmarks, freckles, age spots, redness, and blemishes.
  • This is 100% natural which is one requirement that should be on everyone’s mind when looking for the best airbrush makeup kit. It is completely free of silicon, oil, and fragrance. Moreover, it is also hypoallergenic.
  • There is no vitamin E, and if you happen to have a lot of dark spots it might not be able to cover them all.

#2. Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup Kit

This airbrush line doesn’t only give you a flawless complexion but also nourishes your skin so that’s a fair enough reason for you to put this on your best airbrush makeup kit list. This airbrush makeup is enriched with antioxidants as well as aloe juice and it’s 89% organic. We know aloe is anti-viral and is naturally healing so this ingredient is very much needed in an Airbrush.

best airbrush makeup kit - tickled pink airbrush

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Doesn’t matter if you have oily, normal or even sensitive skin, Tickled Pink will always work for you. Its design is sleek and has a feminine look. Furthermore, it’s lightweight so it’s comfortable for everyday use and still gives you outstanding results nonetheless.

The kit includes one high-quality airbrush gun, airbrush holder, a feminine air compressor, air hose, a power adapter, 3 shades of foundation, waterproof sealant as well as a moisturizer.

  • The foundation is water-based and made with 89% organic ingredients. It is completely safe for everyday use for it’s gentle on your skin. Moreover, it is free of parabens. Despite being specifically designed for home use, you still can get a professional flawless look that can cover dark spots, circles, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The airbrush is a gravity-fed design with a metal construction which won’t require you to use air tanks and produces no noise. It is a single action trigger which mixes internally too.
  • Even though it is working at up to 15 PSI, it still maintains a steady output and can offer 3 different air pressure strengths: medium, high and low.
  • A warranty often becomes the qualifying factors for “best qualification” and it’s completely reasonable for it basically gives customers an assured feeling if something ever goes wrong. Tickled Pink wins for best airbrush makeup kit in this category for it offers a two-year warranty on compressor plus free lifetime maintenance and support for the airbrush gun. What more do you want from this?
  • Don’t worry if you are a newbie at this thing. The adjustable pressure air compressor makes everything easier.
  • It comes with a beautiful and elegant carrying bag as well.
  • This is cruelty-free. No animal is included for testing this product.
  • Even though it comes with four different sets of foundations, they are all not waterproof.

#3. TRU Airbrush Mineral Makeup Set Essentials KIT

Another worth considering airbrush makeup kit is TRU airbrush. This airbrush line enables you to get a flawless and natural complexion within minutes. It works perfectly to minimize wrinkles, fine lines and all skin problems that are associated with age.

Tru Mineral best airbrush makeup kit

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Its ability to diminish age spots, blemishes, redness, acne and even large pores enables you to create a beautiful youthful look. Fun fact, TRU airbrush was used by Miss America contestants two years in a row (2014 and 2015). To top it off, this airbrush line is created by a pharmacist named Jennifer.

The kit includes a 3-speed compressor with AC adapter, single action airbrush stylus, 2 shades of mineral-based airbrush foundation as well as ½ oz. bottles, berry sorbet mineral-based blush (1/2 bottles) and of course a deluxe travel bag.

  • It’s a natural preservative and free of any artificial ingredients. It’s free of fragrance, silicone, talc, oil, paraben, alcohol and of course gluten. This is the definition of healthy makeup. Obviously, this works well for sensitive skin so that’s one less thing to worry about. The kit is water-based makeup and you won’t have to worry it will clog your pores. We all know that mineral makeup is beneficial for better coverage and overcoming uneven skin tones as well as the hyper-pigmented area.
  • It literally requires only about two minutes of your time to apply this airbrush makeup. Moreover, it comes with twos hades which allows you to create either a full or sheer coverage. This airbrush line is available for all skin types.
  • For a natural airbrush makeup, this lasts up to 18 hours and totally smudge-proof. It’s infused with the best natural ingredients like soy protein which is effective for tightening, firming, smoothing and softening skin.
  • While other brands might be compatible with other brands of foundations, this one is different as it can void the warranty on the machine as well as the stylus. Plus, it might be because different brands have different consistencies which can clog the TRU airbrush gun.

#4. Photo finish Professional Airbrush Makeup

One unique fact about this airbrush line is that it’s designed with the professional makeup artist in mind while simultaneously made easy enough for beginners to use at home. This airbrush is available with fair to medium tone makeup foundation with 5 different shades in ½ oz. bottles.

photo finish best airbrush makeup kit

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Its Lilac Camouflage concealer provides a wonderful coverage as well as adhesion with just a slight hint of purple. Not only is this airbrush can fix your dark circles and age spots but also help you achieve a natural healthy-looking color for your skin. The kit includes one makeup airbrush and compressor system, 5-piece fair and medium foundation, blush, shimmer, concealer, Neroli anti-aging primer and silica finishing powder.

  • Like the aforementioned lines in our best airbrush makeup kit list, this one is also free of oil and harsh preservatives. It is mineral based and totally smudge and water resistant. It can last up to 24 hours without having to worry it will smear, run, fade or even cake. Say goodbye to your routine afternoon touch-ups, brown or red spots.
  • This line is cruelty-free. No animal testing included. To top it off, it is free of harmful parabens and alcohol.
  • Either you are a professional or a beginner, this kit is easy to use. You can achieve a lightweight and breathable complexion.
  • While the previous airbrush lines can do an impressive job in just two minutes or so, this one generally will require 5 to 6 minutes which is twice the time compared to the previous ones.

#5. Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System

The next airbrush line on our best airbrush makeup kit thread is Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System. This kit comes with 5 different colors which range from fair to deep. This system is totally safe to use for it gets the approval of dermatologists as well as ophthalmologists.

luminess air basic best airbrush makeup kit

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If you have a sensitive skin, then this airbrush makeup kit is one brand you should ponder on for it is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Moreover, it is also non-comedogenic which won’t block your skin pores. Its water-based formula makes this great for long-term use because it is gentle on your skin. That’s why you can use this daily.

  • Luminess Air Basic airbrush makeup kit is a hypoallergenic and opaque formula which makes it ideal for dry, sensitive, acne-pore or mature skin types.
  • The stylus is extremely easy to clean. Simply run a little water through it after you are done using it. You can also use a cotton swab to clean the insides of tip and bowl for a deeper cleaning.
  • Its internal-mix, single action and a gravity-fed air compressor produces almost no noise. You can achieve an even skin tone with a natural-looking finish thanks to its patented stylus which supplies a microfine mist of product.
  • It can last up to 18 hours. Moreover, it’s animal cruelty-free.
  • The kit include one airbrush, 4 bottle foundation set, a stylus, AC adapter, instructional DVD, moisturizing primer, skin brightening glow and a bottle of blush.
  • It doesn’t come with a free carrying case.

#6. Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

The last airbrush line on our best airbrush makeup kit list to recommend comes from Belloccio. This enables you to create a beautiful and natural look within minutes. Just like the other previously mentioned brands, this airbrush line is perfect for sensitive skin too.

Belloccio best airbrush makeup kit

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It’s suitable for any kinds of skin types. Its water-based makeup is hypoallergenic and is totally recommended by dermatologists. The kit includes one airbrush, compressor, 4 shades of foundation, primer, blush, highlighter, bronzer, concealer, a blending sponge, an airbrush cleaner finishing spray and a carrying bag.

  • This brand is enriched with antioxidants which protect against negative effects of aging. This makes it safe for long-term use. To top it off, it’s free from parabens, fragrance, and oils so you don’t need to worry it will clog your pores.
  • It is available in 4 different sets you can choose from and each is set for different skin tones. Furthermore, it comes with a finishing spray that guarantees to last long.
  • Each color choice comes in four different shades and the mist dispensed by the airbrush is able to even out across your skin. This way, you don’t need to worry it will cake while at the same time covers your acne, aging spots, tattoos, and birthmarks.
  • If you forget to apply a setting spray, the makeup won’t last long.

Final Words

Those are all the best airbrush makeup kit recommendation we have for you today. Whichever makeup kit you decide to get, just make sure it meets your needs and can live up to your expectations.

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