Best Blackhead Remover for Flawless Skin

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Best Blackhead Remover – Blackheads can really mar an otherwise beautiful skin. Even though these open-air pimples are incredibly small but you still can see them especially when you lean in a little too close to the mirror.

They can be frustrating to deal with as well and indicate that your face is not completely clean. They have no positive purpose since they are basically just pimples with no skin over them. And when the top layer of gunk in your pores oxidizes, it will turn into darkish black color known mostly as blackheads. That’s why everyone wants them removed.

Granted, there are many blackhead remover products out there that can clean out your pores so you don’t need to do a lot of squishing and squeezing. Astonishingly enough, blackhead removers come in quite various shapes, sizes and purposes as well.

Best Blackhead Remover – Tools & Products

Some might be familiar to you and some you might never even hear about before. Read our thorough reviews below to find out if one of them might be the best blackhead remover that can get rid of all those irksome blackheads.

1. Pore Strips

Let’s start off with the most affordable blackhead fighter. Pore strips are generally pretty convenient for you only need a few minutes to wait for it to get its job done. The fact that pore strips are very accessible, effective and amazingly affordable easily makes them one of the best blackhead removers you should try.

They are a less painful alternative to squeezing and won’t require you to go through any hassle. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a little forest of pore junk all over the used strip after you ripped it off and knowing you have removed a good deal of oil, dirt and dead skin. Pore strips products are abundant on the market but the best ones are those which have strong bonding ability where the strips latch perfectly onto blackheads extruding out of skin pores.

They are essentially very good and highly recommended but they have a downside too. They only pull off a very superficial layer of your skin so they do not clean your pores. Since they cannot reduce pore size and prevent you from developing blackheads, they are not beneficial in the long term.

It will only take 48 hours before all that stripped junk will start to accumulate again. Still, they are worth it, really safe and won’t cause any harm like breaking capillaries or ripping off a layer of your skin. Bottom line, this is an ideal blackhead remover everyone should try for the first time.

2. Blackhead Mask

Blackheads can appear on any body part and while pore strips are highly effective but they cannot be used on any skin surface other than your nose. Those blackheads on your neck, forehead, and basically on the rest of your face need to be banished too. That’s when peel-off masks come in handy.

Facial masks that are infused with bamboo charcoal complex are known to be very effective to clear your pores, detoxify as well as deeply cleanse your skin in general. The masks are black because of the purifying charcoal present in them.

You can go for some blackhead masks that are formulated with Dead Sea mud or clay as well for they are also highly capable to pull impurities out of your facial skin. Once you peel the mask off and your blackheads are gone, your skin will feel super soft and clear. Regardless if you opt for a clay mask, mud mask or a peel off black mask, you will achieve impressive results nonetheless especially if you use it on a regular basis.

People who are prone to acne claim to have seen a dramatic improvement in their complexion and those who have exposed their skin to numerous pollution such as smokes, sun, or swizzle sticks, blackhead masks can improve skin’s elasticity and firmness while at the same time minimize pore size and diminish wrinkles or fine lines.

The only complain that these masks received is how hurtful it can be when it’s being peeled off of your skin. It may stem from the fact when the mask is removed, it is not only removing cells from the superficial layer of your skin but also any hair along with it.

If you think the pain is bearable for you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this. Your face will feel so soft and clean because not only do the baby hairs get pulled off but all the natural oils and of course those nasty blackheads that sit on your skin.

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3. Extractor Tools

A common mistake most people usually make is that they always use their fingers and nails to squeeze their skin in order to get rid of the nasty blackheads that are not extruding out. This action is definitely not sanitary as the oil and grime on fingers transfer to the facial skin. Add to that you are putting undue pressure on the surrounding pores as well. Extractor tools are a better and more hygienic alternative way for you to remove blackheads manually.

They are also pretty economical for you can use them repeatedly as long as they are disinfected and properly stored in the non-humid environment. Extractor tools come in quite a wide variety. The best tools are those that have one loop at each end. One loop is thick and flat to apply gentle pressure on the surrounding area in order to draw it out while the other loop is angled and thin loop to apply pressure in angles in order to coax stubborn blackheads out from your pores. Blackhead removal tools are made from stainless steel so they are safer to use and easy to disinfect.

Most people only need one of those tools to remove all blackheads. However, that’s not always the case since blackheads appear on pretty much all areas on your face and neck so a few different tools are sometimes a necessity. Opt for a blackhead remover kit instead. One renowned brand you can trust is Tweezerman Blackhead Extractor Tool. They have two angled loops on both ends and have proven results that last a long time.

If whiteheads also nestle on your skin then look for professional 5 piece sets that make a blackhead and acne remover kit complete. They usually contain various sized looped tools along with a sharp needle tool which is useful to tear the whitehead at the surface of the skin and get rid of it completely.

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4. Blackhead Vacuums

If using extractor tools turn out to be a little too difficult and require more effort to use then you should probably consider blackhead vacuums. These machines are a stronger and stress-free alternative to extractor tools that still provide gentle suction pressure. Once you turn on these machines, they will suck up the nasty blackheads nestling on your skin. Blackhead vacuums are easily the best blackhead remover that have repeat value.

If they can even pull out those deeply embedded blackheads then you don’t even have to question if it works for the visibly extruding ones. These blackhead vacuums are easy to use and give you a gratifying feeling seeing all the gunky sebum being dislodged out of your pores.

Add to that some of them also come with microdermabrasion function so you will be are removing blackheads and exfoliating your skin at the same time when using it. No wonder, they are highly addicting and make people want to use them all the time. Though using it once a day is still fairly safe, it may cause bruising if you use it twice daily especially if you always go for the highest settings. The best trick is to start at the lowest setting and just let it build up from there.

There are a lot of blackhead vacuums to choose from and it’s always a great idea to pick one that deliver high performance and has proven effective results. To make this task easier for you, we have listed 6 of the best blackhead vacuums available on the market right now. Peep the thread below.

#1. Xpreen Pore Cleanser IPL Comedo

This device is capable to cleanse your pores and remove all stubborn blackheads nestling on your skin and neck. It has a slick and lightweight design and is portable too so you don’t have to struggle with having cords around you. It is a rechargeable device that can be used continuously after being fully charged.

xpreen pore best blackhead remover

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Xpreen blackhead remover is packed with innovative technologies and various probes that can be applied efficiently to pretty much all areas and zones on your face without having to feel any unpleasant sensations or skin bruises.

It’s a very versatile machine as it has 4 function heads that can handle any impurities you may have on your face from blackheads to acne. Remember that you need to clean your face beforehand with a hot towel in order for your pores to open up so this device can do its job properly and at an optimum level.

  • It has a microcrystalline head that functions as effective dead skin remover so you can have a soft skin without risking leaving any bruises. Add to that it is designed with an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) beauty treatment as well. The blue color on the device is useful to shrink the enlarged pores so oil production reduces and thus preventing the growth of bacteria causing acne.
  • This is a multifunction microdermabrasion device as well with four probes available that can remove blackheads, dirt, dead skin cells and oil deeply clean pores, reduce fine lines, pull as well as tighten your pores.
  • This product is designed to last for a long time by having one of the most powerful motors with durable lithium-ion battery. The device can last for up to three weeks after every full charge.
  • This device is pretty convenient and easy to use with its one-touch button functions. It is easily adjustable depending on your needs and it can double as a massaging tool as well
  • For such a multipurpose machine, this product is very affordable. You would think all non-expensive products are unable to do their job properly but this blackhead remover vacuum is an obvious exception for it does exactly what everyone needs and gives amazing and noticeable results.
  • The soft setting in this product might seem too weak even for delicate areas.


This one is a high-quality pore vacuum that is packed with medical-grade ingredients that are guaranteed to give you excellent results after every use. As a matter of fact, SKINVESTOR has been dubbed as the strongest pore vacuum suction machine available on the market. Its 55kPa suction power combined with 3 suction intensity level is 37% stronger than any other devices.

skinvestor best blackhead remover

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This machine can push blackheads out as much as possible. If you want all blackheads gone at once, you should definitely give this one a whirl. SKINVESTOR can remove 90% of the dirt, oil, grease and makeup residue as well without any effort. This device is rife with handy and impressive results too to give users the most luxuriously amusing at-home facial treatment.

  • It has a unique Aqua Soothing System with Nano Cold Water Mist System which serves to reduce skin irritation after removing blackheads. With the help of High-Frequency Vibration technology, the water mist will infiltrate, nourish as well as moisturize your skin deeply inside out. This is a rarity in pore vacuums in which you can enjoy a hydrating calming effect after blackhead removal.
  • It comes with 3 suction intensity level along with 4 alternative probe heads which makes up for 12 different vacuum pressure levels in total. That way, you are guaranteed to find the best pressure of the suction power that meets your skin needs.
  • It comes with a huge 600mAh battery which can be charged from multi-power sources.
  • This is an all-inclusive oily skin therapy set as well where you will get a free bonus stainless steel blackhead tweezer simply to offer their customers a bigger bang for their buck. They also give away a comprehensive eBook with 12 Tips and Secrets that explains how to use the device properly in which you’ll be able to get 4x more blackheads removed. (* Subject to change)
  • They have a 180 days warranty policy which easily makes it your best ally in war-fighting against nasty blackheads. Note that, the factory warranty is only available from authorized sellers.
  • This device can cause skin damage if you do not use the lowest suction level at first use.

#3. Imbeang

This particular blackhead vacuum has been enjoying the fame for being the most effective model on the market. The Imbeang extraction tool is highly capable to remove even the most stubborn blackheads. Add to that you will also see a noticeable improvement in your natural glow. This device is suitable for all skin types even those with sensitive skin.

imbaeng best blackhead remover

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Its lightweight design makes it efficient for travelling. The fact that this portable device fits with the standard wall plug makes it suitable for use in hotel rooms. It has LED light as well to indicate battery percentage and functioning heads. It comes with a powerful 800mAh battery with 30 day standby time.

  • It comes with different intensity strong suction and 4 removable probes that meet everyone’s skin needs. Whether you want it to remove blackhead, blemishes or any other facial impurities, you can easily adjust it depending on the current needs.
  • This pore vacuum can stand on its own and the LED light functions to display battery status, USB port, noise cancellation and the intensity of suction.
  • The 3 replacement suction probes tool come in different shapes that are guaranteed to resolve rough skin, coarse pore, blackhead, dark skin, dirt nose as well as improve skin elasticity.
  • This is actually an updated version and is guaranteed to be safe for use and non-toxic to skin as it adopts eco-friendly material ABS and uses a physical means to resolve skin issues without any harmful chemicals.
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime friendly customer service plus 3 month after-sale service guarantee. Though it’s shorter compared to SKINVESTOR, it is still better than nothing.
  • Some have complained that the device did not work fast enough although this problem might be highly subjective as everyone has different needs.

#4. Meinaier

This all-in-one microdermabrasion machine is quite a new release but it has received so many positive reviews from satisfied customers that ultimately made it deemed worthy to be included in this thread for best blackhead removers. This device shows great performance in exfoliating your skin out of grease, dust or makeup residue while simultaneously removing nasty blackhead effectively.

meinaier best blackhead remover

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This device is a multifunctional sucker for it can be used anywhere on your face except for your eyes for an obvious reason. However, it can be used on delicate areas around your eyes. Add to that it comes with elliptical hole sucker as well that can reach areas such as around your nose, eyes, and mouth. Obviously, this device can be used on your neck as well.

  • It has micro-crystal hole sucker as well which is useful for eliminating wrinkles on your face.
  • The vacuum suction is strong and easily adjustable. The principle of vacuum provides a strong suction that comes in different degrees capable to go deeply to remove dirt and stubborn blackheads without risking any skin damage.
  • The replacement suckers have 4 functions, they are large circular, small circular, elliptical and micro-crystal hole sucker. All of them are meant to deal with various skin issues like blackheads, dust, grease, or makeup residue in sensitive or oily skin.
  • This is a versatile blackhead removal tool as it doubles as “V” face shape as well as masseur. You can get a “V” face easily at home by using the large circular hole sucker and moving the item slowly from your chin for 5 minutes every day.
  • It comes with a portable built-in battery and is rechargeable so you do not have to change the battery ever!
  • Though this device is safe for use twice a week, don’t overuse it, because it can damage your skin. In addition, it is not safe for use if your skin is already damaged or broken.

#5. Sunba Youth

This machine lets you enjoy the power of microdermabrasion and makes a facelift in a matter of time. This tool allows you to do facial cleaning which includes blackhead removal, pore cleansing and all facial skin problems from the comfort of your own home.

sunba youth best blackhead remover

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Your skin will feel smoother, clearer and with less fine lines and wrinkles. Who says having a youthful look requires a constant visit to an aesthetician? You will get the best out of a microdermabrasion machine with its three different heads that serve different functions.

  • It has a large smooth probe that emits millions of microscopic crystals onto your skin with high adsorption to remove dead skin cells. The large circular form probe uses strong suction to massage, lift and stimulate microcirculation and blood flow, so your skin will tighten. The small circular form probe is meant to remove blackheads, blemishes and unclog pores. The oval probe is effective to smooth the areas with fine lines like the corner of your eyes or mouth. And the circular cap is useful for massage with blue and red light to diminish inflammation, sterilize and shrink pores.
  • It has 5 adjustable suction force that’s easily accessible with a push of a button. The vacuum physical suction design has max suction strength up to 53kpa with the gentle suction strength being suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It has a comedo vacuum suction pore cleanser function which peel and remove dead skin cells on the top layer and leaves your skin smoother and clearer.
  • This device performs like a professional SPA skin care tool that can diminish inflammation, sterilize and shrink pores. The red light is effective to repair scars.
  • The manufacturer offers an unconditional money back guarantee system because they devote themselves to provide the best customer service.
  • Due to the blackhead remover speed up the process of skin microcirculation, your skin might appear a little irritation or redness after treatment. This is a normal phenomenon and will disappear after 30 minutes.

#6. ISIX

The last item on our list is a revolutionary blackhead suction device that provides comfortable skin cleansing solution. This device has an LED screen along with level up and down buttons so you can see the intensity levels. Not only is this blackhead removal vacuum excellent in removing blackheads but it can act as “V” face as well. This device is perfect for use for all skin types.

isix best blackhead remover

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ISIX comes in a pretty ergonomic design for easy use. If you have problems with rough skins, dark skins or dirt nose, this device really comes in handy to solve them all. It works by getting rid of all dirt and enhancing the firmness of your skin. With such versatile capabilities, no wonder this product is among the best and most trusted out there.

  • This is an upgraded version with 6 suction levels with a strong suction power up to 60KPa.
  • It has 4 suction nozzles that serve your different pore cleansing needs. The round nozzles are easily attachable with its round head to extract blackheads. The small nozzle is also meant for blackheads in those hard-to-reach areas such as the corner of your nose philtrum. The oval nose is meant to massage the skin and improve the blood flow. The scrubbing suction nozzle is designed to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and makeup residue.
  • It comes with a built-in li-ion battery with 400mAh so you don’t need to change the battery even once. The charging time takes about 3 hours with 30 minute working time.
  • This is an excellent blackhead removal vacuum with impressive results after every use especially if you use with the lowest level at the beginning and let it build up gradually. Furthermore, through a safe exfoliation technique, you can remove skin imperfections and blemishes.
  • This device has a pretty slick multi-functional design with an exceptional adjustability of suction strength.
  • This device has a warning to not stay in the same place even for 2 seconds because it might get you bruises.

So there you have it, now that you know the best blackhead removers you can benefit from, there is no stopping you from getting a beautiful and flawless skin!

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